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Job of the Month: Preserving Medical Supplies with a Kohler Standby Power Generator

June’s job of the month features a Kohler 20kW 120/208 3 phase standby power generator selected to meet the critical requirements of the North Georgia County Health Department.

Preserving Medical Supplies with a Kohler Standby Power Generator

Based on their need to maintain refrigeration in order to preserve important vaccines, powering select lighting, to ensuring network access to IT data, the North Georgia County Health Department reached out to GenSpring Power to help them find a custom generator solution.

After their site visit and consultation, the GenSpring Power team installed a Kohler 20kW 120/208 3 phase standby power generator. The exclusive 100% corrosion-proof enclosure, built to withstand extreme weather combined with the commercial-grade engine was the right solution to provide excellent power quality and keep the electricity on throughout the facility in case of a power outage. Additionally, the Kohler 20kW boasts fast response times meaning the generator’s startup won’t waste valuable time generating energy to all of the equipment crucial to keeping the health department running at full speed.

Another benefit in selecting this particular model of standby power generators is Kohler’s OnCue communication technology. This feature will allow the health department’s staff to remotely monitor the power serving the facility and receive real time status updates via email or text.

With the new Kohler generator installed by the GenSpring Power team, North Georgia County’s Health Department can rest assured knowing all of their equipment is up and running through storms, hail and any other severe weather.

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